Daily Logic!

Every cream/facewash/facepack/shampoo/conditioner I have seen they have one thing common

For better results follow by “same company” cleanser, toning milk, moisturizer, facepack.
I really don’t know, if it really makes sense , but I feel its more of marketing gimmick

How does the skin knows if its jovees/Loreal/Fair & Lovely/Garnier/Lotus? Irrespective of the company it has to do its work isn’t? 

Being into IT industry and surrounded by codes, I really wonder if they have programmed there products that way. Just for instance  if you have taken jovees face pack , the instructions would say

For better results first cleanse your face with jovees cleanser and then apply the facepack.

So the logic would work like this
If cleanser = jovees
Facepack result = AWESOME!

“Keep on wasting money I wont work!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


... Madhumathi ... said...

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~Madhumathi :) <3

Red Handed said...

Its not just the beauty products but even edible substances.

Maggi Bhunna masala se Fish Moli banane ke liye...maggi coconut milk mix 1/2 cup. :P

Chakoli said...


hey thanks a lot :)
I m obliged :)


is it... I never notced dat.....

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