Just like that

Guys want everything to be mentioned “explicitly”. Any arguments on that?

Especially when it has to do something which does not fall under there department.

Just as a coincident since last three days breakfast to him appeared as “ hara-bhara paratha”. But everyday it was made up of different ingredient.First it was palak, then methi and then dhaniya leaves. Today he lost his patience and said-

Arrey har din wahi paratha.

Give me a break man!!!

But everyday ingredient was different. Can’t you make out while eating.
Then I came out with suggestion that I would mix some colour as orange, pink, yellow to make it look different and even then for you it would taste different.

Okay leave that for now :)

Today there are 2 important matches, first being Mumbai Indians, I really want them to loose as it would give some chances for Delhi to go in :D
Then next is final of Champions league. Hope MANU win. :)

Hey guys, did anybody liked this song…
Mein hoon ghatohkach…
Mein duniya mein sabse nirala…

Mujhe meri maiya ne pala…
Dharti hile amber hile
Uthe jo mera gada…. :O

That ghatohkach is damn cute na. :v and even that tiny little elephant . :)

Animation is really coming out to be a tough job and even entertaining . isn’t? :~

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


vijay said...

GM Chaks,

DD win fine,

ManU - big snobs. Again its Chealsea , this time it cud turn.

btw. yeh, men will be men. de wont even remember what was 4 lunch by dinner time.

women wud remember what dress they wore 5 years ago at the cousins wedding :DDDDDD


burf said...

actually tere banaye hue paranthe saare jale hue honge isliye chahe koi bhi ingredient ho usse same look aur same taste lag raha hoga :D


vEENs said...

men....lets bitch abt them :D

then Delhi...hmmm yah anyone other than KKR shud win!

that song is cuteeeeeeeee!~!!

Chakoli said...


Yup yup thats the reason I said hopefully MANU wins:-))

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh... So whats wrong in that...we have such a good memory u see;-))

Chakoli said...

@Burf jee:-)))

Abhi tak to nahi jale..par jis din bhi jale...aapko jaroor yaad karungi...;-))

Vrij said...

Not all guys r like that Chaks.. I'm better than many of u gals who cannot distinguish between the ways a curry is cooked!

And well.. I'd prefer Mumbai to get into the semis.. though I dont mind if Delhi get in too.. how about pushing out Chennai ?

CM-Chap said...

LOL @ Guys want everything to be mentioned “explicitly”. - No Arguments. Absolutely True....

I dnt think Mumbai will loose.. they r in terrific form...

Chakoli said...


yup yup:-))
delhi hud win...whom u r supporting btw?

Chakoli said...


exception are there isnt??

Thats really commendable if you are able to distinguish between curries....

Chakoli said...

nopes nopes.. chennai shud be in:-))
push out punjab then..;-))

Chakoli said...


MUmbai form....:-|

even earlier KKR were in form but then all went down....isnt??

Chakoli said...

@Ankur jee:-))

arrey aapne hari mirch chod di...;-))

aur hare hare shimla mirch bhi..;-)))

jaroor jaroor...bol dungi...;-)))

u wnat delhi to be in or mumbai???:-\

ohh to aapke prediction sahi hote hain letc see..;-)))

kahi ulta na ho ajye...;-))

Ankur said...

lets c the menu for next 4 days :P

4) muli patte ka parantha :D
5) green onion ka parantha
6) matar ke patte ka parantha
7) kachche kele ke chilke ka parantha (ko option nahi soojh raha tha ) :D :D

hehehe :P :P

jo bhi lucky khane wala hai usko bol... chup chap kha le : P :P
warna hum hai... woh bhi nahi milega :D :D

:P :P

waise i support Delhi n today they r gonna win... its not going to be lucky 7(on the trought) for Mumbai :D :D


and yes.. MANU is gonna win 2-0... last all my prediction have worked for MANU(my team) and this time too... waise this weekend raceday is there too... and we d Ferrari will win tat 1 too!!!! :D :D :D


yeppie ;)

and ManU jeetaga toh party degi na ;)

and plzz... no more green parantha :P


Ankur said...

@chakoli ji

mujhe jo bhi bichara hai uska khayal hai... marwana nahi hai usse mujhe ki hari mirchi aur shimla mirch ka parantha khilwaoon :P :P
so maine isliye nahi mention kara... warna parantha toh sookhe dhaniye ka bhi ban sakta hai... n imagine how the taste would be :P :P


aur hare patter gajar ke bhi hote hain.. par woh bhi mention nahi kara... koi rabbit thodi na hoga woh jo kha raha hai... :D :D



Viru is my FAVORATE!!! :D :D
They will be in and RR and Delhi will play in the finals :D :D

:D :D

haan ji... aur aaj bhi.. i keep my fingers crossed though!!! :D :D

oyeee... dont tell me u dont want ManU to win??? :O :O


They will WIN!!!! :)


Sandhya said...


wow parantha.......do u know cooking?????

Chakoli said...

@Ankurjee ankur jee...;-))


tab theek hain tyhodi parwaah kar lii aapne doosro ki;-)))

wow wow...RR and DD...finals..kewl na and delhi wins..

yup yup I want MANU to win...:-))

Chakoli said...


Yups...a bit of dear:-))

KP! said...

hmmm....paratha for breakfast....wow....thats heavy breakfast...:).

well it seems ur from delhi...thats why u r supporting DD...but indians should win!

it should be good game!

Chakoli said...


is it heavy???:-\...they are lite indeed..trust me...:_))

nopes I m nt frm delhi...but just like that;-)))

nopes nopes Mumbai shudnt...;-))

BIG Omi said...

oye helloo... mumbai indians should really win .. okay... !!!

and yes.. i wish Man U wins..

Ashu said...

Ghatotkach, name itself is very humorous. i remember one movie where one of the sidekicks had his name as Ghatotkach and i cudnt stop laughing hugely!!!

Kaua said...

hey i find that ghatohkach cute haan...song ??????????????????? leave that for now !

okay mumbai indians lost ...happy nw ??

well khane mein if salt is less or more evn i dont cum to knw...its ok...kuch ajoobe hotein hain yaar :P

vijay said...



Chakoli said...

yipe they lost it yesterday....whopppie....;-)))

and even MANU won:-))

Chakoli said...


you know...Ghatohkach was son of Bheem ...that character from Mahabharata...:-))

I knw...and even animation is so damn cute:-))

Chakoli said...


everything is cute the charatcter the song...and eventhat tiny little elephant:_))

yup yup MI lost:_)))

Ohhh... you are another ajooba...u mean to say??;-))

Chakoli said...

yups yups...MANU win and MI lost...;-))

Sandhya said...


Good Morning all rounder ji.

BIG Omi said...

seriously i love this ghatotkatch..

i watch all these aniated stuff nowa days..

reached office kya?

Homecooked said...

Yeah...these men.When they try to act that way,I just tell me husband to go cook for himself....its a different matter he doesnt know where anything is kept in the kitchen!

Chakoli said...

@Hey Sandy sweetie:_))

Goood morning..althou its afternoon:-)))

Chakoli said...

@Bomi(I'll call you by this name..hope you won't mind;-)))

Yup Yup just reached....

u liked ghatohkach na...same pinch;-)))

So hw r u doing??

Chakoli said...



then its a bIG MEss...and to do cleaning of that...oops...bad..:-((

Pri said...

haha imagine singing that song for 'antakshari' :p

good idea about the parathas..i think u should do that and maybe cut them into different shapes too :D

Kaua said...

of course ! u had a doubt ?? ;)

so 2 day all set for ur DDD ?????????

Chakoli said...


LOL...would be fun na....and what if the last letter is "cha" of ghatohkach??;-)))

cutting would increase my work...mixing colour is easy na...;-))

Chakoli said...


Ahhh...u cleared my confusion;-))

yup delhi delhi...:-))

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