Up In the Sky

Just saw a pic of “girri” (I don’t know what it is called in English.) , and again reminded of days when flying a kite was passion. :D

Summer holidays and then starts the season of “kite flying”. How we used to cut our neighbors’ kite and shout “Kata hoyey”….!!! Being the youngest in the family , I usually was handed the task to hold “Girri” , yup I was an expert in that, when to let it loose , when to start binding up. And then when kite attained a balance , I was given the privilege to hold it in air for sometime. :z

The best part I liked was to prepare “manja”. Each time a tubelight went black , it was yipeeeeeeeeeee for us. And then, the dedication to prepare “manja”. Crush the tubelight, mix colour in it and then apply it to thread all over. We used to cut our hands like anything but who cares. :D

School days gone and so came college, It was an incident in our hostel. We (group of 3) were strolling on hostel terrace, there was a kite tangled within the rods.

Wow we all three exclaimed!!!! :~

Asked junis to bring some manja from the market...
And then our kite was up in the air…flying. It was more of an event to us and all gals gathered and we 're enjoying. Listening to the “che-che-pe-pe” of girls, Boy’s hostel (BH) which wasn’t far from our den started appearing on there terrace, and those “copy-cats” also came with a kite . Boys can never do anything alone ;). Now there was a competition, who would cut whose kite?

After about a 15 min of tug of war we lost, yup yup I know we are not champs…!!! And then they shouted Kata hoyeye…kata Hoyeye….!!! :$

It was embarrassing but still enjoyable!!!! :)

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Ankur said...

wow... those were d days... seriously, Meri behen bhi charkhi hi pakadti thi :D :D
hehe... and i m a champ in kite flying... uske baad jor se "WOh kata!!!!!!" poore mohalle main sunayi deta tha!!!!

u know on this sakranti my parents badly wanted me to come but cudnt go coz of some training and tat idiot was again jalaoing me by sayin... DADA aajao, kite udayenge :P :P

it has been 3 yrs since i havent enjoyed Sakrat.. infact 4 coz dad was hospitalized!!!!


but next yr i will be in Jaipur.. wat so ever happens i dont care...

i m in for kite flyin :D :D

U made me all nostalgic!!! :)


Chakoli said...

@Ankur :-))

Haan saare bhaiyon ka kama hi yahi rehta hain... girri pakdo...;-))

ohh aapki line thi woh kata...humhare yahan kata hoye....:-)))

yup yup sankranti par bhi patang udane ka maaza tha... pooore aasman mein shaam se sirf patange...;-))))

vijay said...

Hie Chaks,

reading this lovely post of urs, reminded me of a old song "Bachpan key din bula na dena, aaj hansey kal rula na dena "

sure all the fun of childhood can never ever come back, no matter how much money one has, That was PURE fun nna ?


Sandhya said...

seriously do u know how to fly d kite???

Dost, tu to saari cheejo mein expert hai...:-)

Chakoli said...


Yup yup... mujhe to woh gaana yaad aaya...dheel de dheel de de re bhaiya...iss patang ko dheel de...


cute one na..
yup yup... that is pure fun:-))

Chakoli said...


expert... nopes re... I m just timepass kite flyer... thats the reason we lost the game na:-))

Vrij said...

Wonderful, wonderful days those old days were.. Even I remember getting the manja made to our specifications by manja professionals we had in our area. And get lots of lovely colorful kites to go along.

On sankranti day, all terraces were agog with action. Full familes ascended the terrace. We had sound systems ready, some people even had a mike and did commentary. The sky became colorful. And as soon as one spotted a cut kite.. we used to run unbelievably over one part of the house to another and to other areas and houses too just to get hold of that one. It was superb!

Chakoli said...


OMG... for you guys it was an event I guess.....!!!!

mike... and all that...:-)))

so do you fly kite now or nt?

Anonymous said...

u know i hv never ever flown a kite! :(

geet said...

you brought the childhood memories back :)..thanks... i used to fly kites at my hometown.we used to bet and i have won just once that too luckily ... but making manja was a difficult task yaaar.. nice post

Anonymous said...

Chakoli ..the kite runner.. :))

BIG Omi said...

You just took me to those good ol' days... however it was never my cuppa tea to fly the kite... it was never a scucess.. what does this girri means..


Vrij said...

Oh yes Chaks.. we did have a real good time flying kites.. alas.. these days its not so much fun.. those good ol days r gone....

Chakoli said...



thats bad!!!

its fun seriously...:-))

Chakoli said...


yup yup... it is fun....u believe it or not:-)))

I guess for evryhone..there childhood memories are back:-)))

So atleast u won na..:-))

Chakoli said...



u nvr did that...u missd trhe excitement man!! I shud say... girri is on which we tie up manja.... donbt know what we say it in english.....:-((

Chakoli said...



I swear...seriously those were the days....:-))

So now u cud plan them with ur kids...;-))

Chakoli said...


kite runner...or kite flyer??;-))

~ ॐ ~ said...

Bo Kaate !!!!

Ankur said...


aur nahi toh kya... par meri behen ne meri patang bhi bahut katwayi hai... ab toh woh charkhi pakadkar bahut happy rehti hai.. .bhai ko pyar karti hai na bahut :)

pehle ladai karti thi!!! :P :P

aur mujhe us idiot ko patang lambi karke deni padi thi, moi jaan ko, usko mom ne bata diya ki ankur bhaiya ko patang achi udani aati hai... bas phir kya... bhai sahab peeche pad gaye :D :D

aur haan.. humare yahan.. WOH KATA tha :D :D

sakranti par shaam se.. humare yahan subah 4 baje se udna shuru ho jati hai.. jaipur jaisi patang kahi nahi udti hai madam... its a public holiday and everyone is on terris.... har koi!!! :D :D

tune phir se mujhe nostalgic kar diya :)


Chakoli said...


kata hoyeey!!!

Chakoli said...

@Ankur jee:-))

to ladane wali baat hi thi... sirf girri pakdne ka kaam karein kya hum...
arrey waah phir to aap aur jaan dono mast patang udate hoge...;-)))

Aur haan suna hain maine jaipur ke baare mein...waise ahmedbad famous hain na kite festival ke liye??

waah waah...sab ghar kii chat pe to aur bhi maaze:-)))

Satan said...

Well as I m born n was brought up in ahmedabad, I m a fanatic abt uttrayan. Well missin those kite flyin days terribly....

Chakoli said...


Wow..u belong to ahemndabad...kewl... then toh u must njoyed a lot...isnt??

Phoenix said...

Grins now, words later

KP! said...

wow...after long time i am hearing abt kits...last time i did this was 15 yrs back...when i was kid in india....:).

I dont think...i even remember how to fly kite...lol

Chakoli said...



Thanks for the biggest grin:-))))))))))))))))))))

Chakoli said...


15 years.... oh my my!!!
loooong time.....

u dont remebr it...dont tell me that;-))

Satan said...


Yeah even I miss the navratri....

The only thing I hated abt the city was it beloged to a dry state, sigh !!! LOL

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