Loyalty is now turning to be an "extinct" quality. Don't you think so?

People dont stick to a single relation, they dont stick to a single company for lifetime.
politicians don't stick to a single party.
they change there gadgets with every exciting launch
they change there cars with every new release
we are forced to change a rented house every 11 months
many who change there nationality as well.... talking about the green card holders!!
changing relegion...
changing place... i mean relocation...
and many are there who change there SEX as well..

we need to learn from DOGS more about loyalty!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Anonymous said...

Hehehe...very true!

Jigyasa said...

Hi Chakoli!

Isn't it is the loyalty to oneself that matters most! Because no one knows a person any better then the self. And moreover the cases which you have rightly mentioned are many times, if not all are taken either out of need or circumstances.

Keep Faith. Keep Smiling!

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