Home Tales!

I'm on leave and at my hometown, enjoying winters... rajai and ginger tea.!!

Its really fun , to be at home, earlier when I was here this was "my world" no other problems, no cocerns , no worries(even for studies parents were more worried than me ;)), everything used to revolve around parents and there concepts.

And when you are back at home , again the same starts. Mom's colony and rishtedaar 's news, papa's disciplined and punctual life.Why I'm saying all this?

Today, we were about to make "papad" and suddenly my nani called and said due to "chandragrahan" you shouldnt make papad today. Its not good. But when I asked grahan would be at night and not now, she said by 11 o clock we would have ved started...!! Now what is ved... I have no clue, but due to this our bhagwan ji was sleeping by 10:30am. I love it man!!

At home, every day I have some new story to tell...!! Wish I could have started my blogging during my school days.... :)

Anyways , any new plans... for new year? I m still thiking of a resolution!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my readers.....
May New year brings lots of "good news", wishes, desires come true

With lots of love just........
Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

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