Life and its Flavors

Since last half an hour I'm struggling what to write?

I had something in my mind when I was in office but then it vanished.

Now thoughts are flowing... in fact so many thoughts but no connectivity... no flow... its like SPAM!!

After about months I logged into indiblogger, and I was surprised to see so many followers! In this virtual world one thing is perfect, people know you in spite of you being not around. Your presence is not a mandate. Just some words or photos would do.

Why people like you? Why something interest you? Why you get irritated by a bunch of people?Why some people are so dumb? Why some people don't apply common sense?Why people think themselves superior of others? Why people love you? Why you need someone? Why and so many why?

There could be some illogical ( some research and studies) which could answer to these questions...but they somehow don't convince me!And I have no answers to these why...

I'm just happy to live this life with these whys... cribbing and loving people

In fact just imagine how dull and boring life would be if you accept that people are like this... no cribbing.... no teasing... no spice... no masala... no tadka...

Life and its flavors... and I feel I'm just a kid!!


Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Jack said...


Caught up with pending posts. Could your parents visit famous places of Pune if the rains permitted? Who's birthday is it for? Memory loss, is it? Hope it comes back soon.

Take care

Jigyasa said...


This happens with me too....many times! But happens!

Nice page colors.....pinks & reds!

Keep Smiling!

Homecooked said...

Like ur new look Chakoli! Looks great :) Without friends virtual or real-life life would be so boring na !

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