Its about Me!

Just yesterday my parents reached Pune, and today morning , with morning tea we were watching "colors" channel.
No complains...but suddenly things and routine change!! Just to keep them happy! And I love it!!

Since, last three days, my mind was cribbing, it needed a new hairstyle and finally on saturday I got one! Yup now I look similar to sai baba!!Do you need a pic ( of sai baba?) ;)

Its raining like hell in Pune, god spare us atleast for a week, my parents are here and we can't go anywhere. Bad is that :(.

Planning to buy a new camera, may be then I can post some pics, the photographer inside me is cursing me a lot. I know I always see things with a different angle and it could be beautifully captured in a photograph!!

Well, whatever angle it is, life is just so beautiful capturing every angle would always be a good experience!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

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Reema said...

great theme..weren't u in UK??

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