Just Like That....

I'm in love again, not with anyone... but with myself ;)

Again I'm getting those sweet romantic feelings of falling in love again and reason for that is ... YRF films... two soaps... Mahi ve and rishta.com.

I don't know, but I'm in love with those two soaps, rishta.com for arranging marriages and mahi ve... the cute fat girl in search of her dream boy!!

Anyways that was about me, weekend was just busy... did some shopping and also "safai"... Yes, our maid comes in daily and sweeps our floor daily but still when I sweeped in on saturday, it was like my room was not cleaned since ages.

Have some new plans... among one is to get up at 6... thats really hard!!

All other thing would fall in place if I start just following one thing of getting up at 6 am.

Life gives you so many chances... and we keep missing atleast one for sure !! But still... life moves on :)

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


NoFaIrYtAlE said...

Waking up at SIX in the MORNING!!! OMG...Dt is sooooo cruel!!!! i can stay awake till six in the morning...but getting up at six seems impossible...all the best...

Tarun Mitra said...

Fall in love with your work and then everything will fall in its place..work home safai everything :P

Chakoli said...


I dont know ur real name... so would call you fairy :)

yes true even I could be awake till 6....
but some things need to be changed na :D

Chakoli said...


ahhhh.... thats really hard!!
then I need to make my workplace as my home :P

karan a said...

Getting up at 6! thats like "aadhi raat" for me these days. I guess last time I woke up at that time was the marathon day, had no choice...

I got a feeling that lot of things are happening in your life, but you were just ignoring them... now you decided to so something... liked the "safai" part of it!


Chakoli said...


aadhi raat... nahi ji... isse brahma muhurat kaha jata hain :D
haan matlab thoda sa delayed brahma muhurat :)

yes very true!!
I WS IGNORING (it just gt CAPS Lock on) no intention to write it in CAPS;))

geet said...

o ea..me to in love with rishta.com and mahi way!!

that guy is so adorable in rishta.com(wo jo shruti seth ke saath kaam karta hai? casanova typs? ) :D

agar tu subah 6 bajje uthne lagg gayi to mujhe bhi batana..i hv been dreaming and sleeping on this idea :P


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