The Love Tide

Happy Valentines Day to all those committed
Happy Independence Day to all those single ;-)

Remember-every friend/one you love is just a call away,so pick up your phone and dial in.

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Sam_2 said...

a dedication for u :)

happy belentine day :)

niceguy251 said...


Thanks for tip on HSBC Pune. Will surely visit if I am in Pune. LOL.

Thanks for your wishes. I could not wish my friend personally as I do not have her number but only e-mail id. So I will send a card to that intelligent and jovial little girl.

Take care

Reema said...

same to u!

niceguy251 said...


I forgot to add even govt channels need audiance for brainwashing. Is it not?

Take care

Keshi said...

cute post!

**Happy Independence Day to all those single

LOL Chakoli! thats so true..Independence it is!


Dewdrop said...


Chakoli said...


Thanks dear... I m honoured :-)

Chakoli said...



u need ti surely make a visit ;-)

Thanks for the lovely card :DD

Chakoli said...


Thanks :D

Chakoli said...


yup very true

Chakoli said...


wt else it cud be sweetie? :DDD

Chakoli said...

@dew drop :-))


arvind1187 said...

what if we dont have the number :P :)

anyways same to u ..
i mean what ever applies to u :P

Manasa said... did u find ne1 or still single? :P

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