HairStyle and Question and Roadies

Just got a new hairstyle,ahh let me correct it,hairstyle is same just that now length of hair is shortened, which somehow force me to keep them untied. But I know I could manage to tie them up with the help of 5-10 hair pins,but let it be spending 200 bucks and not showing the art of hair stylist, this would be unfair to her. So now they are free enjoying the free air and freedom. People reacted to it saying you look younger.

But I m still 16, how much more I need to reduce my age,I wonder.;-)

Now one question- What were Kareena Kapoor and Deepika Padukone used before getting Vivel and Fiama Di Wills resp for there young, beautiful,clean and fair skin. Does that mean they never used any other soap and were waiting for their products to be launched and they could take bath. ;-)

After many days I watched MTV Roadies, they have crossed all limit I guess, making them eat "julaab" and asking to "Hold it ". Uddi Baba!!!! But was fun to watch this time, atleast they were doing soemthing instead of just using slang and bad words.

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Keshi said...

Wud love to see a pic of that new hairstyle :)

And I just got a new haircut too..thats what I was talking abt in my latest post. Guess u didnt read that bit?


Homecooked said...

Pics for the hairstyle pls :) You should be able to show off your new look for your blog friends too Chakoli :)

niceguy251 said...


Did you work on this Sunday?

Keep hair style which suits you the most. So now you know the secret of these two for not having had bath for so long.

Demand & Supply. To an extent I agree with you that now chances of finding one who suits you are much more than earlier. This results in scan & find till you get the one you want.

Take care

Anonymous said...

freeeee airrrrrrrr finaalllyyy.

thats the reaction of ur hairs :P

Vrij said...

Yeah.. the way these folks say 'meri sundar twacha ka raaz' as if that product was tested on them before being launched!!

Dewdrop said...


Chakoli said...

@Keshi :))

yup sweetie...when u were here on myspace I was thr on ur space :))

Chakoli said...


no pics yaar :(((
Hippos are only found in jungle ;-)

Chakoli said...

@niceguy :))

nopes I dnt work on sundays :DDDD

Thanks for the comment...

and yup... was that an answer or a question ;-)

hahahhahaha... yup thansk for supporting my idea..

Chakoli said...


hahahahhaha :))

Chakoli said...

@Vrij :))

yups... those idiots ad agency... making hole in our pockets..

Chakoli said...

@dewdrop :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Reema said...

Never liked Roadies

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