Future In Real

As I see… Indians would have :
  1. A Mobile Phone
  2. A Laptop with broadband/wi-fi
  3. A TATA Nano
A must for every Indian in future!!!
Yesterday I was thinking, real estate prices are still out of reach of a common man, people going for nuclear families, every one is now techie.
So, in future all nuclear families could be accommodated in TATA Nano, instead of those 1 BHK, chawl, pipes, road and station. They would be working from home “log on to this website and book or order”. For some physical talks... Moby (mobile) is still there. But there would be serious problem of toilets!! ;-) As, Nano doesn’t comes with an inbuilt toilet. ;-)

Future!!! Huh??Are we expanding or shrinking?
Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


ruSh.Me said...

Kuchh paane ke liye, BAHUT KUCHH khona padega... it seems!!!

niceguy251 said...


Expanding or Shrinking? Well, both as some are expanding while others are shrinking. Nano as home for nuclear families. LOL. What next are you going to bring out?

Take care

Sri said...

Maybe you can think about the tank in the nano...try something new sort of fuel?!!

Reema said...


Anonymous said...

wow ji, good idea to save lot of money in rent on over priced 2-3 bhks....

this is called out of box thinking...keep up the good job

Anonymous said...

he he ..and then tatas will come with 1 for 1 free purchase :P

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