I just got addicted to it. Why is that some things - uncovered truths, hidden assets, climax of the mystery film just binds you. You are glued to the TV screen  or keep on turning pages of the new mystery book until and unless it is revealed!!

All the above statement hold true also for space - the hidden /uncovered mystery. Our big solar system , planets, asteroids, shuttles, environment, astronauts, life... aliens!

Just few days back , TV showed the precious  element of earth for which prices are shooting up every single day - "Gold"  is in abundant on Neptune in liquid form! When recently Mars photos were revealed , it actually made me feel just like another earth with no vegetation ofcourse!!

What so ever... the mystery would never end... and so I know I would still be glued to those serials :D

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

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Jack said...


Mystery raises curiosity and one can not rest till it is satisfied, isn't it? Have all the fun.

Take care

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