After my diwali's loooong vacation when we were back in hyderabad , just within a week's time that day of month came - I mean the last day to recharge your TV.

I was happy in a way coz for paper, electricity, milk,telephone - the money was reduced. We didnt used it and so just pay for how much you used. But for TV, I still need to pay full amount else these people will apply some late charges and can also disconnect.(we have DishTV and honestly the crappiest and worst of all)

But what about those 20 days, when I didnt used your services, why I need to pay for that? And I thought about it, one arguement to that could be as they dont have proper mechanism to detect if services have run for that day, but then how do come up with TRP ratings, that means they know who is watching which soap/film and at what time so that could be some enhancement to that existing one and moreover if it didnt fit to our requirement I'm sure something new can be invented.

But as a consumer I really feel , if not used for that day, we shoulnt be paying for it.

What say guys?

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

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