She's A Jolly Good Fellow - Book Review

Why I chose this one - The blame goes to its cover and the print, that military print even in the sides of the book pages. Although I'm firm beliver of "Never judge a book by its cover" still I did fall for it :)

And to be honest I wasn't disappointed .
The story revolves around the two women Deepa Shekhar and Anjali Sharma who are into a domain which had been entirely male-exclusive since the conception of Indian army. Sometimes the urge to make a mark leads one to accept the challenges even in the completely unknown territories and thats what Second Lieutenants Dips ( Deepa Shekhar) does!! 

Its not the usual story of how disciplined, mannered army life is, but how a girl conquers and finds her place in male dominating territory. The pace of the book never slacks off, and the story actually moves forward every few pages unlike some other books that dwell on the beauty of a place/person for many pages.

As the story progresses we see the personalities of Deepa and Anjali taking different paths. They prioritize things and events in their lives differently and many times find themselves facing a big issue of - when and for whom to hang their uniforms. Inspite of the situation being entirely different, the author touches the common predicament in many women's lives.

A very light-reading, fun filled and engaging book, which brings a sneek-peek into the 'once all-male department' from a lady officers eyes. I feel she could have added the struggle to get into the military, how indian family reacted, how they were treated by there counterparts during training period also as a small chapter in the beginning as I am sure there must have been many interesting anecdotes during that period too. Overall a wonderful book to read once, not a classic though.

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

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homecooked said...

Nice! I'll see if I can find it in my library here. The cover does look cute :)

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