Why is that?

Nights gives you a sense of completion!! When the wordly affair ends and then you are with yourselve(or may be your beloved) ;-) !!

--Knitting your dreams with a a silky thread of  faith and confidence
--analysing all your routine activities
--cherishing moments
--talking to yourself
--loving yourself
--making faces in mirror
--listening to your favorite music
--sipping tea
--turning pages of your bedtime book
--missing someone
--loving somebody in dreams
--dancing on your fav tune/song
--talking for hours to your beloved/friend
--wearing whatever is comfortable
--resting in all your "ajeeb-o-gareeb" postures

Wish NIGHT never ends....... ;)

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Nalini Hebbar said...

How true!...:D

callezee said...

Nights are rocks,but the dilemma is which one come first night or morning..

homecooked said...

You know I am a night person....acc to my husband my day begins at night :) There is something really calm and peaceful about the night.

Reema said...

Ooohhhh love is in the air

rantravereflect/ jane said...

nights are the tyme for knights to get in action ;)

Jigyasa said...

Agreed Chakoli.....!

Jack said...


Here I am after my PC has been restored. Read all pending posts. Yes, Janamashtami is not only fun but makes one feel closer to Him. Who is the lucky one and what is the date? Thanks for book reviews. Nights are the time to reflect on activities of the days for self improvement.

Take care

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