Proposals always make you feel special :)

Well, its not about "The proposal" I received but about movie "Proposal" starring Sandra Bullock.

Every proposal be it personal/professional is a decision maker in one' life. At times when you sit back in your balcony with a cup of ginger tea and  staring and feeling the rains , with a long pause and  you murmurr...

"क्या होता अगर हमने ऐसा निर्णय लिया होता " What would have been the case if we had opted that.

Well, life is nothing but endless possibilities and lucky one is who explores the maximum!!

Coming back to my point "Proposal" I just fell in love with it... don't know if its  because I'm getting married or its because I'm feeling like a princess or its because I'm marrying somebody I love :))

No wonder love is always so beautiful :))))

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

Image Courtesy : Social Pixels

1 comment:

Reema said...

congrats!! when is the D DAY?

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