Sometimes I feel like I'm just a newspaper…..!!!!!!

Yups, I talk about this, I talk about that… during conversation I even speak the punch line of an ad like Garv se kaho "Hello"!!!

The only thing that changes is City edition… I started with "Delhi Times", then with Mid Day , finally I landed as…… "Pune Times"!!!!!!

Was it a crap? I know….. even crap's are included in newspaper ;-)

Keep Faith


Anonymous said...

stop feeing like one i think u are humna and theri is nothing that can make you a newspaper to be someone who keeps news is not a new phenomenon exclusive to you for i hope their are more people like you the only hitch they probably dont blog to tell the world in their one comeplete post they are "newspapers" u take care bye ruggedboyz

vijay said...

Hey Chaks,

Pune Times is gud yar,

it has the crossword :))))

so no crap :PP


burf said...

either you could be mid day or delhi times, they are different sizes after all :P

Aaarti said...


Saw ur comment on my blog abt the poem, and dont know why it said u cant leave a comment, shallchk it out..

Thanks anyways...:)
i've not seen any of the papers u've mntioned here... but have heard of them, and that they are fun...:)

Chakoli said...

@rugged b:-)))

Thanks for visiitng dear....its been loooong time that I saw you:-)))

So hw r u??

very busy kya??

Chakoli said...


every paer has acrossword....dnt fix that critria fr it:_))

Chakoli said...


Different sizes.....LOL.....

Now I got the reason why keep on expanding or sinking........;-))))

Chakoli said...


Yup they are am I;-)))

ruggedboyz said...

ya i am fine and doing good but u are stilla newspaper is what i am wondering girl u take care

lostpatrol said...

Hello, Noosepaper!
Waht is noo noos today?

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