Fame or Business

Aishwarya, Amitabh, Shahrukh and now its Salman… who next??Yup its Madame Tussad’s series of Bollywood people.

Was thinking(Yup sometimes I do that:-)), Is it really to do with these people fame and achievements’ or is it more concerned to business?

A single visit to UK and you may find a lot of Asians, which include Indians as well, and no matter what or which place they are , there heart still beats with Madhuri Dhak-Dhak or Amitabh ‘Shava - Shava’. We all have a madness to follow stars and actually see them , to touch them, and why not after all they are OUR HERO’S.
So if not the actual ones, let’s go for the wax model….
So who are actual spectators’? Not British or Americans but Indians.

And looking out the majority of Indians residing there and Indian tourists visiting UK, its easy for businessmen to come out with a ideas to put holes in our pockets :-).

So now next time you wanna meet any star or diamond visit UK as from Kohinoor to Salman….all are there :-)

Keep Faith
Chakoli :-)


Anonymous said...


so the world has 2 come around to accept Indians from the very places they were thrown out.

Paisa bolta hai ;-))))))))))


lostpatrol said...

Chakoli, bolti to teek hei

Naya saal mabrook, from LP53

abx said...

Bollywood persons are worth only for wax statue

chakoli said...


Thanks dear......so kya Tehelka machane wale hain aap new year par???

Chakoli said...


Why u dnt like bollywood people??
U always some ill feelin with them I guess...:-))).why so??

Chakoli said...


Haan paisa hi to bus bolta hain...kharach karo to bolta hain aur na karo to bolta hain......

vijay said...

Par Chaks,

famous hona bhee achha lagta hai na.
people following u everywhere et al

& wax model bhee apna banjaye 2 kya baat hai:)))))


ruggedboyz said...

hello chuks
thanks for the quint essential gyan that the wax models of hindi actors in taussads is not coz the british have a fancy for them but its the hindustani hindi speaking who want it truely a shocking revealtion for we aam janta that has no clue what so ever that it was actually indians their who asked for it for i always thought it was the goras of london who liked srk sallu ash big g and gandhiji thanks u opened my eyes

Chakoli said...


that wud be fun na...wax model ours in LONDON...

chakoli said...


was it that u r agreeing with me...or comments were posted sarcastically>?>

the bard said...

heard next was rajnikanth :)..its serious business and the bad part is the asian celebs statues are made in such poor quality that they have no semblance to the original.eg:aish..and is salman statue gonna be there with or without shirt :D

Chakoli said...


Rajnikant....ohh my god!!!
and about salman...w/o shirt shud be fine...it wud reduce cost also:-)))

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