That was indeed more of the filmy incident that happened in my life…recently… Early morning around 7ó clock when I left for office I never thought of being in a situation like this, as usual I parked my vehicle and waited in the lobby for lift, just then lift came I went inside, when I saw a guy hurriedly trying to push button so as to stop the lift, I helped him by pressing the ‘open door’ button from inside. He came in , and thanked me. That was all. Story could have ended here with both of us stopping at there respective floor. But there was a twist, lift came to a halt just after crossing 1st floor. The automatic door didn’t get opened up, which made both of us to think we are trapped.The situation was more worse, as early morning there are hardly any employees to help us. We started banging the doors if someone could listen. But those ‘stupid doors’ were as hard as rock. He pressed the ‘alarm’ button, just thinking may be someone could help us.
I was still continuing with my banging ।Just when I thought of the situation where I’m trapped, smile flashed on my face. He saw me, and I don’t know was it telepathy or frequency match, he said- isn’t all FILMY ISHTYLE?

With the broadest smile I supported him

After about 4-5 mins of banging, and pushing alarm button about 10 times, we were able to hear the voice of gurad, or rather say GOD ;-)। He said – ‘aap log pareshaan mat hoyiye, bus 5-7 min mein lift chalu ho jayegi(Please don’t panic, lift would start again in 5-7 mins time.)’. Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh…. I was relieved, but now I could feel the suffocation, and I started to blabber – are you not feeling uncomfortable? I would die of this heat, these 5 mins would be like standing on a heated oven for me.

He smiled and then said- Nobody could be comfortable in this situation, and even I m feeling hot here, but nothing can’t be done, do you want me blow air with these papers for you(He had some papers in his hand)?

That was really sweet of him – I thought, naah don’t bother, may be I m panicking more। He started to talk a little as in which project you are, which floor, for how long….and some more queries, till then the lift got started and finally I said BYE to him and smiled.

To Picture abhi baaki hain mere dost !!!!!!!!

Keep Faith


dr shobhit said...

kya madam etni der tak lift main wo bhi ladke ke saath...hmm sirf baatein...ooohh!!!!hhehehehehe

Kamesh said...

arey arey.. ab tumhari situation par gana likhna padega.. aur gayega woh :D:D

hum tum ek lift mein band hon.. aur lift ruk jaaye.. :D:D:D sahi hai na :))

Anonymous said...

Ya, it's a tricky situation. Thank god the lift started again.

It was nice to see you in my blog.


a said...

hey u r really trapped :-))

S said...

@Shobhit jii

Baaton ke aalwa kuch kar nahi sakte the na :PP

chakoli said...


hehhehehehheee...bus gana hi gaate reh jaynege dono ;-)))

chakoli said...


Arrey anytime on ur blog..u write superb dear:-)))

chakoli said...


Yuo me really hw r u??

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