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Now disparity of 137% is too much.Isn’t?

My friend thought to reduce it, and go for an MBA, but didn’t wanted to leave her HOME, thankfully these guys have introduced Distance learning program or online learning/e-learning.

Finally she found some good stuff
here. But fees was shocking 50000$, !!!!!!!

And,I guessed knowledge is to share ;-)

Finally she has dropped her plan :-)

Keep Faith
Chakoli :-)


Kamesh said...

Hi Chakoli,

You are in Pune and the city offers host of options for ppl wanting to pursue MBA.

If your friend really wants to pursue an online MBA, Universitas 21 should be a good option.. the site is

As u said it.. knowledge is to share :))

Take Care :))

Chakoli said...

Hi Kamesh:-))

How are you?

Thanks for sharing.... but does this university goes for online , I think it is regular one....

and above all is it reliable...??

Kamesh said...

Hi Chakoli,

Sorry to be late in replying.. hv been xtremely busy.

Universitas 21 is run by a confederation of the world's top universitas and its reliable.. Some companies like IBM encourage their employees to go for this course.. I know it for about 7 yrs.. ISB too was started around that time.. The only hitch is that its expensive for an online course.. but I think its worth it..

The decision of course is to be taken by your friend!!

Take Care :)

Kamesh said...

hey read "worlds top universitas" as "worlds top universities" :P

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