Nothing Much To Say...

After looong time, again I m back :)

Somehow I cant ever think of leaving this space . Its my own space that too you get it for free, don't need to worry about the monthly installments or down payment and possession!! I'm sure in future you would have to pay for it, so better keep this place safe and secure .After all its treasure!!!

Was busy with nothing actually, just life is running at its normal pace. Normal office-ghar ka drama , and in between there are "grocery shops" visit. Enuff!!

Yes, did watched "ajab prem ki gajab kahanni" and too tell you its horrible!! Over acting by Ranbir ( that चूसा हुआ आम) and NO ACTING by katrina.

Apart from paa nothing interesting is coming up, Kurbaan would be hitting theatres tomorrow, don't feel very positive about it. lets see as it comes from KJo House so HIGH EXPECTATIONS!!

My GPRS connection is working fine, in spite of many rumors that its not GOOD and there are issues. I could do everything at just 450/-, what else you need? Yes just downloading movie takes time. that's it!!

Currently listening gumsum gumsum gum from paa... just amazing one!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

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Reema said...

APKGK has got such mixed reviews!! some hated it some loved it!

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