Wedding Planning...

Yes, its about my wedding planning!!

I know I m still to find a guy but still other things could be decided by then :)

Was talking to one of my old friend and he told me nowadays people are being innovative and planning marriage under water, in air and what not!!

I told him , I ll plan my marriage in कब्रिस्तान(graveyard)!! What say?
It could be the theme party as well, all guests dressed as भूत(ghost) and चुड़ैल(witch). And that would reduce my expense as well, as I dont have to spend much on make up . I look a natural चुड़ैल(witch)!!! ;-)

And then , another wish of mine (buried deep deep deep....) was floating, I ll go to my groom's house in truck. I mean I want to sit in truck. Yes, want to sit on that first floor and feel how people on two wheelers look like!! Those insects crawling on road.... :P ;)

Have a nice weekendddddddddd..... just dont sleep... !!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Vrij said...

Fultu hateli hai re tu...

Truck mein sawaar hona hai toh shaadi ke time hi kyun???

Anonymous said...

totally weird.

by the by check the declaration at my blog.

Reema said...


Jack said...


WOW! What aspirations! Keep your feet on mother earth and get married in normal way, ok?

Take care

geet said...

vella dimaag!

Homecooked said...

You are fun Chakoli! By the way here too they have Halloween theme weddings! Pretty spooky acc to me ;)

ALI said...

ha ha ha ha

Definitely.. some day.. :)
:P :P

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