Earth Hour

A recent development which took place in Delhi…

I m not at all against this campaign, but somehow I’m not able to digest it.

Somehow, I think this type of campaign is for countries where there is 24 hr non-stop supply of electricity and the lifestyle is completely dependant on it. In India, where as soon as summer starts we face a “normal” batti gul(power cut) campaign . As soon as you return from office, you park your vehicle and power cut. Now you are climbing stairs and blaming. There is a favorite film scheduled on your favorite channel, and after finishing all your stuff you switch it on and there shuts off the power!!! The common man sweats, get frustrated and blames even more to the government.

Some lucky ones who earn quite decent use invertors and generators. But then we are burning more electricity to charge the inverter and second we are “emptying” petrol to run the generator. Remember that ad… kya saara petrol aap hi khatam kar denge? :P

Some constraints which are sure to come up with this “Monthly Earth Hour “campaign:

· Thieves could have a “good time “
· Pubs and shopping malls would still be using invertors and generators
· IT industry/ BPO sectors where people work 24 X 7 would be affected.

On a positive note,
· If it is implemented, of course the common man could “reschedule” and as “we Indians” are too adjusting in nature , There could be an adjustment for that one hour.
· We could tell to the world, you made it for 1 hour in a year and we are doing it on monthly basis.

I just noticed that in India, “batti gul" is the major problem faced by every individual now and then, if just for Delhi shutting down power they save up to 100 MW of power every month., how much power we save on daily basis.

Hats Off Indians and thanks to Electricity board!! :P

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Reema said...

I think instead of Earth Hour if we just practice power saving ways daily, it will do more good.

mazak said...

sometimes noble intentions are defeated by non-implementation(bad) or bad implementation(worse) ... observing earth hour is very good ,but why do it as a one-off thing , we r guilty of wasting power,keeping engines running when waiting on traffic lights, wasting water ...unless n until we learn to value what we are getting ,things wud not improve ,many ppl r observing earth hour by switching off lights but at the same time burning lots of candles ... m i being cynical here ... i dont know ...

Keshi said...

:) all DEPENDS on where in the world u r.


ruSh.Me said...

I was at Hard Rock Cafe, Mumbai during the Earth Hour and nothing happened!!!

I had an alarm in the phone but since I wasn't at home, I could not do anything!!!

A link for Earth Hour across the globe.. Click on them, one by one, and the lights go off... Looks pretty amazing!!!

p.s. Did you know about the Blind Cow Restaurant???

niceguy251 said...


I agree with Reema.

Take care

Sam said...

i think in india we dont need earth hour campaign dear. as u say it coem summer and monsoon, its automatic earth hour either in form of power cuts or the transformer trips :)

we have to effectively manage the scarce resources before they land up in the trouble :)

Chakoli said...


yups...we need to change ourselves :DD

Chakoli said...


everyone get cynical, when they care and people just waste it :(((

quite true... we shud chnage ourselves...

Chakoli said...


hahahhaha... yup dear :DDD

Chakoli said...


I knw... even in our apartment half of the lights were switched on... and people were njoying and having gala time.....

its really amazing dear... lights offfffffffff :PP

Chakoli said...

@niceguy :))

thanks dear

Chakoli said...


very true :))

yup we are managing ity very well indeed...:PP

nivyakimbi said...

heh first timer here.. that seriously makes sense...

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