Cricket and Some Spice!!!

Yup yup, we all are great followers of cricket, at least I’m and till date haven’t ever said – Cricket is now overdone!!!

So now, from tests to one day and now 20-20…. Anything new and innovative you think could come up?

  • Cricket is considered to be a gentlemen’s game!! But how about a Mixed Team!!! I mean men and women together could be paired up… quite similar to what we have in Tennis as Mixed Doubles. Wouldn’t it be SPICY? But yup we could many a times hear this from guys – Arrey ladki thin a isliye Umpire ne OUT nahi diya ya fir array ladki hain na isliye maar nahi payi ;-) . Whatever, if we look at the prospects of the game it could be more up of glamour and spicy is what I think….Already guys are after it, if gals join in, they might want it MORE!!!!! And wives are already fed up… they could be more frustrated!!!!
  • Another one I thought was “Nukkad Cricket”… As item gals and celebrity nights are organized , people could call team for some “Nukkad Cricket” for the celebration… be it some wedding, or New year eve…. !!!!
Whatever... Njoy the Game !!! :D

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Hope u r fine. Do check out this post

CM-Chap said...

wow what a intelligent you are....

Im ready to be a part of such a mixed team... Are you ready?

niceguy251 said...


Nice to see you back. Yes, why not? We can have mixed team and even umpires can be a man & a woman. We could start with 20 - 20 for this.

Take care

Chakoli said...


sure dear
wud be there :DD

Chakoli said...


I m toh always ready :DD

so hw r u?

Chakoli said...

@niceguy :))

Thanks for teh support ;-)

Anonymous said...

Yeah....a mixed cricket team would be innovative. You should put forth the idea :)

mazak said...

idea to bura nahi hai,wud love to be on ur team ;)

Manasa said...

've stopped watching cricket long ago :)

Anonymous said...

lol .. :P

I cant imagine a time where it would be mixed cricket :P

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