Diwali Planning...

It's hot and humid here. I'm really surprised by the weather change.Earlier by Oct end we used to start using at least one sweater and now its fan/cooler running. I really get scared by the environment changes and what future has in store for us.

Finally, today was the last day of our DIWALI SAAF SAFAI! From tomorrow we are gonna work on "Mithai and other delicacies for diwali". I really dont understand, every year we follow the same routine, I mean we have diwali every year and each year we prepare and celebrate it with same enthusiasm and fun. This time of course it would be different as my little nephew would be celebrating his first diwali and so we are more excited.

Today, we went to ask ladder from one of our neighbours, when we were done with the job I said Thank you Uncle, and Uncle nodded his head saying--- arrey koi baat nahi beta! Two things that stuck me , one was Beta as I don't here this word very often now from anyone as stranger or oldie. Its always Madam. and another thing, I shouldn't have said Thank you, it sounds very formal. These words are just for "CLIENT" and not for us. I agree they are under "Manners and Etiquette's" but still they are FORMAL words.

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


I am said...

Interesting observation :)

Happy Diwali in advance

Jack said...


With progress we have lost touch with our culture or closeness. He is from old school like me. It is always good to say Thank you as it does not cost us anything but shows our respect and the person whom we say this is happy at heart. What mithais are you preparing? Any chance of getting some of it?

Take care

Hobo ........ ........ ........ said...

Sweets - The favourite.
I wish I was Marwari/Gujarati to have lots-n-lots of namkeen/sweets home-made.

Reema said...

Happy Diwali!!

Homecooked said...

Hope you had a fun Diwali Chakoli :) Do post some pics of your celebrations.

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