Holiday Home!!

I'm on two weeks vacation for diwali, yes diwali is on 18th but I landed my home today itself. People did gave me a surprised look when I say that, as many of them dont get such a long vacation.

Whatever, I m enjoying it so dont care about others :)

I have actually asked for 1.5 weeks of leave, which is approved another .5 is either sick leave or some urgent work at home or my train got delayed by 36 hrs (well that dosent sounds very genuine ;)) but I m figuring out a good excuse, dont know what I'll say.

I m not irresponsible,Blame my work or my attitude, I m not liking that work even a bit and so finding ways to escape it. Getting release from this project is also tough and getting new job is also toughso the only thing left is ESCAPE it.

Currently reading Brida by Paulo Coehlo, mmmmhhhhh... views on that.... Actually its a story of a girl who is in search of her soulmate. I dont know, but there are mant statements in that book that I usually used to say it to others. But still I'm not very much convinced as what he is trying to potrait. Overall a OKISH book.

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Jack said...


Have lots of fun before you get back to your projects and deadlines. I will wish Happy Diwali later. Where is your home? Think of some real good excuse to extend leave.

Take care

Chandler said...

Paul Cohelo sucks. Oonche oonche funde. Good for nothing.

my opinion.

I know how it feels when u r stuck with a hopeless project. and lack of motivation.

yup been there and done that. :)

Chakoli said...


Thanks very much :)
i m wishing you in advance :) Happy diwlai :)

yes have to think of some good excuse ;-)
my home is in MP :)

Chakoli said...


paul cohelo sucks... dont know...
i have a similar thinking to tell you :)

you toh know everything :)

Sam said...

mp ki yaad dila di tussi ne :*

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