2 Minutes TOI!!

Be adaptive to change - rule of survival.

May be "aam aadmi" does not feel the necessity of that but business does for sure. Just recently I saw this new link on times of india website- 2 minutes of TOI. 2 minutes of daily dose. It was like 2 minutes of maggi.

It is one of the survival startegy for sure but also, we could get a glimpse of "some good and impactful" news. One thing is good for sure that they have covered all sections and the webpage is also not boring but bit stylish to be liked by readers.

I m waiting for what competitors are planning for!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Jack said...


Every thing is getting super fast. Isn't it?

Take care

Chakoli said...


yup everything is getting superfast.... i wonder where we ll stop?

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