My Holiday

After loooooooong time, yesterday I bunked my "Office" . Ahhhh... Yeah, It was at the cost of my "sick leave" but who cares. Sometime you need to listen to your heart! And there I was , on my bed chillax .

After my first round of tea and TOI . I opened up my blog, and updated this new look. With the header having some of my favourites and beliefs 
  • Drum Beats
  • Music for your heart
  • The ever refreshing tea
  • My one time favourite SRK
  • My first and deadly crush Shahid Afridi
  • Tarot and Reiki... my beliefs
  • My weakness ... Choclate Cake
  • My signing off ... "Keep Faith"
  • My passion ... Dance

There was more to the list  but could accommodate this much . May be wait for the second renovation or second bunk from office for Part 2.

And then at around 12:30 , I had my breakfast "muesli". Suddenly, I'm in love with this cereal, its not like the normal cornflakes, it has so many cereals and also dry fruits when you mix it up with milk and honey. It just tastes awesome.

Then I thought of bugging my husband on skype and so I typed in these four lines 

      humko tumse pyaar hain
      jiya bekraar hain
      aaja mere "tote"
      tera intezaar hain.....

tooo much of creativity he coudnt digest as he was working so I just signed off before he could say some kind words in reply

And then, since loooooong I wanted to have maggi, today was the day to fulfill my that wish too and so I with a bowl of maggi I had my lunch. 

In evening when he came, he brought an choclate pastry ..... ummmmmmmm.... No that isnt that sweet of hm. I asked him to bring it for me when he returns and so he was just following the order Yeah following order is definitely sweet of him

And then the honeymoon period got over!!

Cook Dinner... eat it go for a walk and then sleep!!

Just waiting  for the second "bunk"

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Ellen said...

So that's what you do when your simply chillin'? hahahah ... that was a lot, you know. Looking forward to the next one. :-)

P.S. Chocolate pastries -- love it too! Next time you get another.. call and I'll come running! Lols!!

Take care. God bless you and your family.

Bikramjit said...

he he eh areee but give him some points even if he followed orders , he did do it chose the right one for you and brought it all the way home , that does count for something :)

hmm so what did you have for dinner
and office bunk well what was the excuse tell me I need to make one for thrusday to stay home :)


Smita said...

Bunking is fun I tell you. I have done it many a times hehehehe :)

I loved that "dance like no one is watching you" :D

Keep bunking every month ;)

Anonymous said...


Reema said...

bunking work is great!! just did it today. love the new theme and that u r quite active in blogging again. great!

Red Handed said...

so many smileys you got in thr!!!
Bunking is always fun:(
nd btw i hate you! u make me crave for maggi and a nice pastry!!

nice post btw :P

Chakoli said...


Yeah simply chillax...

sure sure.... and we both could enjoy the pastries :))

Chakoli said...


yups... thats why I said "following order" is sweet of him ;)

excuse... best is stomache.... ;)

Chakoli said...


lol... thx for the suggestion of every month :D

Chakoli said...



Chakoli said...


yups back to normal na :))

Chakoli said...


smileys make things more colourful na and more lively I feel... :))

ahhh u craving for maggi and patry... come over here... and we can enjoy them :)

... Madhumathi ... said...

Haha!! Woowwiee... I could see the enthusiasm in ur words.. :D U seemed to njoy alot on dat.. day :)

Sooperr likes ^_^

Nice changes to ur blog.. :) :)

Sarah said...

I loooved those lines.. and that 'tote' word.. lol.. too cute*

Although my blog is real personal.. nothing juicy though.. lol.. but since you seem sucha sweet person, I'd invite you :D .. please pass me your email ID :)

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