Three Months Over!!

So many changes into Life! And then back to Routine!! :)
 I remember one thing my B said ... when I didn't' wanted to get married and start that settlement thing  - "The routine and settlement are the facts of life and one can never avoid it and you need to face the fact" . To which I answered nopes, I won't be following the same routine but time changed me and even I followed the trend and now I realize the fact.

Suddenly time just vanishes, as a bachelor you never ever had so many things to do but now just this and that. Time just evaporates when you are together otherwise it is killing when you are alone.

I don't know about others but I feel  more complete now. 

Yups, marriages are just so beautiful :))

Keep Faith 
Chakoli :)

1 comment:

Jack said...


It is only when it happens that you realise good part of it. May you enjoy all facts of life and remain happy always.

Take care

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