Nostalgic I feel!

Eveyday while cooking dinner, I play vivid bharti/FM Rainbow  on my Dish DTH service (I tell you it’s the worst) and the magic of listening to those songs is something which can’t be described in words. There is always a binding force as what would be the next song played. As I listen to that I usually remember our good old days of Chitrahaar.

I remember , we used to count how many songs have been played in that particular episode. And the long wait for the “new song” which usually used to be the last song of the episode! 

  • Compare it with todays infinite music channel playing those new songs 24 hrs…
  • And add to the misery (or may be a BOON) now there is piracy, download those songs and  take them along with you wherever you go..
  • That  one hour “Disney hour” showing Tale Spin and Duck tales and today’s n number of cartoon channel all usually showcasing super man/spiderman with some new name
  • It was fun to goto zoo/picnic and now people wait for weekends to visit some shopping malls or Food court
  • Writing a letter and waiting for the reply atlest 15 days and now write an email and if you don’t get a reply back within 5 minutes we get impatient
  •  Food was cooked fresh and packed in stainless steel ka dabba and now we have ready to eat microwavable food packed a month back
  • Those were the days of ink pen, using a ball pen was indeed a luxury in those days , and now I wonder if people know how to refill your ink pen
  • Earlier how people used to die to steal those “cozy moments” and now people crib for “own space”
Good Olden days….

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


... Madhumathi ... said...

Hm... ya.. good olden days :) :)
Nice post chakoli :)

Bikramjit said...

I remmeber those days of Chitrahaar, I was in hostel and wednesday and friday 9pm half an hour we were allowed to watch TV for chitrahaar :)

Yes the art of letter writing is almost gone with the advent of emails and fone calls but i still like that I got so many of written letter still with me :)

and spider man tooo wow that indeed is nostalgic :)


Red Handed said...

The good old days it is!
The time wen children actually used to go out n play hide n seek but today its the Play station tht has them.

Chakoli said...


Thanks dear :)


hehehehe yeah and street hawk and even oshin...some good english soaps...

and yups even I have so,me hand written ones...

Chakoli said...


hahahaha yeah... restrictiobn of space or BOON :)

Homecooked said...

So very true CHakoli...very insighful. Specially true with regards to emails :) I dont even remember that Chitrahaar had a new song in the end. I must really be getting old ;)

Homecooked said...

OMG got married!!! Congratulations dear :) Where are the pics????

Smita said...

AH you reminded me of good old days!!! Like u we also used to wait for Chitrahaar & rangoli!!! Used to be family time!! :D

Nice nostalgic post reminded me of so many things1!!

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