Changes For GOOD!

Now  that I had settled “a bit” in this city of Nizam’s. I could get back to my blogging. Hopefully!!! ;)

Just after a month of my marriage “my hubby” said to me … make sure you call all your friends atleast once ,or else they would be bit hesitant (especially males) to call you as now you are married. To which I agreed and as and when I used to get time I used to call my friends and everybody had a the same question – So how is the life after marriage? Any changes?

Pondering  again and again – Are there any changes? Well, nothing has changed ! Same lifestyle, same me and same him. But yes, some changes did happen! Like now, I get sacred,earlier I wasn’t. Now when I walk on road I always bear in mind that there is somebody wiating for you. Somebody needs you . And when I said this to him, he said – yes that even happens to him. 

A thought that somebody is counting on you, somebody lives for you ofcourse makes you special but also it comes with a responsibilty 

May be that’s what marriages are all about 

Keep Faith 
Chakoli :)

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