What we expect in life??
Everything should be at right place without any PANGA'S and should drive smoothly.
Aaahhhhhhhhhhhh…..Nice Dream…Isn’t?

How could you know what’s sugar until you taste salt ? And in the same way salt can never put taste to our food if we don’t know how sugar is?
Both go hand in hand….

Life would be so boring if there are no spices…..After all we need things which we could criticize. How could we say each time PIZZA HUT to be THE BEST when Domino’s and Joe’s are still waiting to serve our taste buds.

Life needs someone to criticize, to compare, to compliment, to comment….
Life needs adventure…isn’t??But don’t you bother to go out for bungee jumping or skiing….Travel on road in INDIA and there you are…. With the smoothest roads to most “Kaaachar” ones. You would be driving smoothly when suddenly a small child comes in front of your vehicle, you applying brakes either the girl is gone or your vehicle. Just in case if there is truck behind your vehicle with loose brakes. You would be jumping high in sky and can get an experience of Bungee jumping… ;-).

So ready for a GO??

Keep Faith
Chakoli :-)

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