Mirror – Your Reflections

So how many of them love to admire themselves in mirror- I m sure there would be many :-)

In a shop, restaurant, car windows anywhere if you find a mirror and one can’t stop adoring herself/himself. People styling hairs in their own shadows could be seen.;-).

People love mirror, and could even hate it. Remember how mirror is down into pieces, in films or soaps. When you dislike yourself and mirror shows that “EVIL” in you, you just want to destroy it, in a way you are trying to kill yourself but indeed that’s not possible.

Often I wonder, mirror does not have its own existence, it imitates whatever comes in front of it. It could turn to a very beautiful face or to the ugliest creature in this world and may be that could be the reason it’s being loved by some and disliked by others.

Keep Faith
Chakoli :-)

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