A Road Side Proposal

Just a normal day, a normal routine, but a strange thing happened. As I ended my day in office at 5.35pm and started my way back home. Halted at one of the stores to buy some stuff. I came back and started arranging matter in my “Dikki” just when a guy on his bike stopped adjacent to mine. I turned back to look who is this stupid guy, parking just next to me.

I stared at him and suddenly he declared “I love you”…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My ears couldn’t believe what he said, He doesn’t seems to be any road side Romeo, as he was decently dressed, neither he was any of my office colleagues, and moreover I was amazed how he could recognize me as my whole face is covered, my stage was as if I have got a 440 WATT JHATKA!!!
Now he was smiling…. I find this weirder. I just started packing and thought of leaving this place as early as possible , then suddenly my eyes starting searching for any policewalla, I thought in any case if he misbehaves I should be assured that when I scream HELP HELP someone is there to help this “Abla Nari”.

Then he removed his helmet and said… Hey Relax dear. I just had a bet to propose 20 girls in ½ an hour and you are the 16th one.Thanks.

Now this was more dramatic.

He showed off his full 32 teeth’s and with broadest smile he said.. Don’t panic dear. I don’t know you and even I haven’t seen your face. So just Chill!!!!! And Thanks for cooperating ( Was I co operative ???)

I somehow believed him, stared at him and smiled, but poor him couldn’t see my smile .

As I turned back my vehicle , something mischievous started up in my mind, thought of calling him and saying …I love you too J, but I didn’t.

Just stared at him…And flew away….

Keep Faith
Chakoli :-)

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ellen said...

Hi Chakoli!

Welcome to blogspot; so glad to see you here too. Now that post was a bit scary at the start lols... good thing that he made himself clear to you.

So take care okay? Will be seeing you around. God bless you!

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