FB Updates!

Well I'm not a BIG Fan of FB may be coz of my old age that FB/any such sites doesnt interest me any more or may be they are so crappy that one can't like them.

With that said... I still exist on FB not to provide my updates but to check what others are upto....

And that weekly status check results in confusion ...coz mostly people have common updates like this

-- Ohhhh sooooo cuteee..

--My Bundle of Joy

--Oh my my.... model look!!

--Arrey waah... nice chappal! (people could post pics of their chappal as well)

-- For Bday people... "n" which ranges from 1 to your frd list
    -- Happy Birthday
   -- Happy Birthday
   -- Happy Birthday
  -- Happy Birthday
  -- Happy Birthday
  -- Happy Birthday

Its like all look alike message... !!

--And then another one where people flaunt all their gift items...
   -- My "n" bday present --- Tiffiny's
   -- My "n" Bday present -- Hardley Davidson

Some people who come under total veila panti category

  --Would keep on "liking" their friends status which would be like

What a Sunny Day!!

Temp - 5..chilling!

And then couple of them, who are anyways at home doing nothing watching some crap LIVE match of Football, cricket, Tennis... and would like to "Cheer"

-- Come On Man U!!
-- Ohhh Sania... you have to make it!!

Whatever I got a post out of it!! ;)

Done with my veilapanti :P

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Uli said...

So true, man! Other rather unnecessary updates:

-my husband is so perfect, he made me dinner today

-my daughter just pooed - it´s greenish brown

-I made porkchops for dinner

I imagine the brain behind those updates must be very bored or just really, really interested in itself :-)

Red Handed said...

I am sick of duck face ugly chicks on my fb list getting likes.
And i second you about the birthday part!

raunak.only4u said...

Hahahaha I read it. Its funny by stuffed with truth.

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