Roti,Kapda,Makaan Aur Google!!

Now I have to agree to that , Google is the basic necessity of life. Trust me.. I can't think of any answers [right or wrong]myself. Its always like  Google kar lo!!

Few days back I was reading this somewhere on net, that a Microsoft was presenting something and he narrated

So for instance you are on net and you would like to search something you would goooooo...... and then he paused and said bing it!! You'll bing it!! 
Don't  remember what was mentioned about the audience if they smiled or not but search has  a new synonym I guess and that's GOOGLE.

But when you type in "Google" on any of the browser ... IE,Chrome,Mozilla ... you just get the list of Google and its extended apps. At least on Bing when you type Google, they do return Wikipedia page[ courtesy to the rivals] but what about the "good words" being posted about Google on net. Do they actually care/acknowledge them?  Like this post when I'm declaring Google as  a basic necessity .. Do they really care!!!

But there is other side of story as well, we use Google so often and how many of us are actually thankful to them? Ahhhh... chicken and egg story :)

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

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Smita said...

LOL!!! Very true!! I have said as much on my post just now :D

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