A misty morning makes you feel like a new born ...full with energy and passion
Again a change in routine and again thought of blogging..!!!

Well this should be the umpteenth attempt and again with the same will power to succeed!!

Since last few days, I was really in dilemma as I was looking for a cook but not sure if I would be comfortable with it [Yes, I m bit fussy about food and its preparation] but finally gave it a try so I get full two hours [that too morning hours] at my disposal .. I mean I can waste it like I want... time is really a luxury!! ;-)

As I look back [just six months back] I was a typical common man... struggling with home...work and its arrangements[its not that I didnt had time but you know , being a lazy hippo I feel just to chillax]... but today I feel I m the QUEEN have so much to do coz I have time.... yayyyy!!

So lets see... whats next in terms of blogging and if life has any other surprise ...I m waiting for it :-D

Keep Faith
Chakoli :-)


Red Handed said...

Hope you get the cook!
and blog more often!

Jack said...


Read 3 posts. May you have such luxury always. I agree we should be thankful to Google for all the help we get. I fully endorse the Hindi poem you wrote.

Take care

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