An Expression!

And it all started with it..
Those moments
which are inseparable

A drop in the ocean..
Was it just that small..
Or a trip to moon..
Was is soooo far...

It had its crunch
More like Saturday brunch
Or just a lousy day..
Sipped as a ginger tea

The illusion of being Perfect
The mystery of knowing all
The struggle to survive
The misery of being loved

And it started with it...
Those moments
which are inseparable

of an expression called LIFE!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Garuda yali said...

nice one. liked the content thought couldn't read it in poetic way but liked its content

Chakoli said...


thx :) its an expression right!!

Vijender : said...

refreshing :)
nice one ..

Red Handed said...

U knw woman? U shud write more often
Btw loved this :)

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