Smile :)

I 'm back in the city from where it all started. my JOB.... my LOVE.... my PASSION.... The city has something for me sure, how much I avoid it, it keeps on calling me back. 

I started my career in HYDERABAD, but soon after joining I was deported to Coimbatore......after training I had an option to get back to Hyderabad but I selected Delhi . But  five years later, when again I started searching for a new job and guess what, it called me back again and again just for joining ( when I wrote this), and then after exactly an year I m back.... this time to work and start my married life.

I remember my deal with "kucchu" in Birla Mandir in those early days of 2004 to get a job and "Kuuchu Sa Dulha".

And he granted my wishes!!

Some places have really something very special for you.  And one special day you experience them.  And then, you just SMILE... a satisfactory smile :)

Keep Faith

Chakoli :)


Vijender : said...

Well welcome back to the pearl city.. frankly, even i am madly in love wid HYD... the magical city... Enjoy your stay here :)

Amit said...

Good to see all your wishes come true.. and welcome to Hyderabad.

TD23 said...

Hey Chakoli,
congrats on the new job n new life:) I really liked Hyd when i was there for some time. love the food culture n of course the area around Charminar. old world charm at its best:)
take care

Jigyasa said...

Many Congratulations! I wish you more such satisfactory smiles ever!

Keep Faith! Keep Smiling!

Ellen said...

Hi Chakoli!

:-) All I can do is wonder about Hyderabad -- a city that holds magic to you. It must be lovely. Maybe one day I will get to see it.

Ah but yes, I can understand what you mean about some things, places, people which hold our attention, minds, and hearts to it like it beckons to us every time... like a sea siren calling with her love song, as the legends go. :-)Irresistible to many aye?! :-) So is it with me.. for the city of Baguio.

Love this piece. Thanks for sharing. Take care and God bless you and your family.


Anonymous said...


... Madhumathi ... said...

Welcome back to Hyd! :) Happy days ahead vth hyd.. :) Keep going!!

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