How Are you?

Not in a good mood….
Don’t feel like working…
Suddenly, everything in life is appearing as myth.
No achievements, no appraisals, no appreciation could let my feelings change (as of now)!!!
There is no END to this…
It’s all like a Loop, repeating itself again and again…. It’s about “The Fear”…

Just few days back, in Nov I felt the same due to Mumbai Terror attack… when I (or rather we) were shocked , and horrified and in search of a SECURE PLACE!!! And now its satyam scam… With just recent news they say 10,000 employees have to laid off!! Bull S*** man…!!! We struggle, we fight, we work, we don’t say NO to any work given to us… and then one day we are simply given a piece of paper saying about the termination!!!
I just think about people, who have to pay up EMI’s (house/car/2-wheeler), if they are just thrown out, they would really face a tough time. Just 9 days back, about 20 % people (of satyam)might have celebrated this new year with a wish that economy could be better and then a SHOCK !!!
If it can happen to them, it can happen to US as well… and we always live with an illusion Yes we are SAFE!!!!

Whatever, but suddenly life and mood are BLANK…. Just Blank….

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Ricky said...

Satyam Scam is truly shocking and can have long term consequences for India as an outsourcing hub. What is truly shocking is that educated people with more than decent amount of money are making stupid decisions. I hope someone intervenes and limit the damage. Hoping for a better tomorrow for everyone.

Keshi said...

hey Chakoli Happy New Year hun!

I know...there has been alot of bad news in the New Year too..I dun watch TV anymore.

*HUGZ* keep smiling somehow.


vijay said...


best is 2 go back 2 our beloved gaons ( pind in punjabi )

no tensions then :))))


~mE said...

keep faith..:)

Homecooked said...

Yeah...Satyam scam is really unexpected! I hope things turn around soon.

niceguy251 said...


Very wisely put. Remember the old saying " Hope for the best and prepare for the worst ".

Take care

PS : Visiting you after some time. Read other posts too.

Reema said...

keep the faith!!

~ ॐ ~ said...

What Satyam did was pretty stupid, and i think it was just one quarter that triggered most of it and it just became a irreversible act !!!

The 4th largest company was the last one I would have thought would have something going on... and I would not really be surprised that this is present in bits and pieces in the top 3 or the other X number of firms too !!!

About the EMIs I usually keep atleast 4 months of advance EMI in my account so that even if I leave my job, I can manage for a while !! :P

par kya hai na, mast rehne ka... I hope you feel better soonest !!!

Anonymous said...

righto :)

cudnt agree more dear.....

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