Mobile and Style

Just came out of a training session, and there people switched on there mobiles, yup some of them are busy with that even in middle of a meeting/seminar. Quite a common scenario in train(long distance route) as well, people if are alone, are quite busy with some “far friend/ relative” then saying hello/hi to person sitting next to him/her.

And then people would be busy on some “ social networking” site to find a “friend”.

Hahahahahhaa… God must be laughing up for sure. You idiot, fool when I made an arrangement to meet that girl in the seminar you were busy with phone, now logging on orkut and searching and scraping her.

And that fool replied – that’s style God !!!! One need to be kewl you see.

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Reema said...

Interesting thought

Abhishek said...

As a matter of habit i always switch off my mobile while in a meeting ,but the problem is dat i hardly get a phone call in days/weeks its more of a ritual ... the joke was OHT :)

Anonymous said...

oji, wats ur style quotient ? do u watch this stylists or do u set the trend :)

u shud set the trend rather than bucking it :)

niceguy251 said...


Too true. LOL

Take care

Homecooked said...

LOL...very interesting :)

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