News Channel Evergreen….

I really envy these news channel….They never fall short of news… or in that matter they create news!!!

Welcome to News SadaBahar!!!

First it was “Global economy slowdown” then came up :Vidhan sabha election”, Mumbai Terror attack, Pakistan betrayal, Ghajini business of 200 crore, MNS – UP/Bihar Bhaiya Fight, Satyam Scam. In between to spice up, there were bomb explosion in different cities, Shivraj V patil style check, Cricket match, Salman-Shahrukh fight. And to spice it more, there would be one-two kid who would get caught up in deep well and they could perform a LIVE operation. Not for his rescue but to increase there TRP’s…

If none of the above is happening, they could make a one hour show on all the soaps that are aired on different family channel, and how could I forget “there spicy comments” packed up with it .

Be it films, music video, an IT firm, a government project… all have a probability of going down. But news channel… can never be workless and so the industry….

Ahhhhh… why didn’t I opted for Mass communication … Sigh!!!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


ruSh.Me said...

Its a Happening World out HERE!!

waise its never too late!!

Keshi said...

yeah we'll all be very rich if we chose that field! :)


mazak said...

In fact reporting events is incidental to the programming of news channels.Their main programmes are stolen segments from comedy shows, irrelevant n illogical foreign videos,scandalous stories and so on. One hour of uninterrupted news channel watching can make a normal person mad and this is no over-statement ;)

Homecooked said...

LOL.....The world is a strange reality there is really no shortage of sensational news :) said... it too late to change ur profession? may b u can move to media now too!!

KP said...

if i were you, i would be doctor(medicine is the new way):). thats an ever green matter what the situation is..people will get sick...u`ll never be out of business:).

Nirmal said...

or diamonds.....

do u think u gal will ever hate that stuff

Taureandude_23 aka TD23 said...

hey Chakoli
hahaha interesting perspective there. well i guess with the increase in news channels and newspapers, this is just the beginning:D but atleast the major news are better than "pappu baba's open - air haspatal":D
well i opted for mass communication and honestly m loving every bit of it:D
take care

Reema said...

lol :D

niceguy251 said...


Just remember finance guys will never be idle. Any organisation will need them. So cheer up. By the way what is your GOAL? LOL

Take care said...

no new post, wassup??

Chakoli said...

@Rashmi :))

hahhahahahha... shud I go fr it? ;-)

Chakoli said...

@Keshi :))

rich and admirable I guess ;-)

Chakoli said...


people are mad for them also...
as many a times its suspense...thrill they try to give them ;-)

Chakoli said...

@Homy :))

I agree... and if it wasnt sensational...they ll amke it :DD

Chakoli said...

@mandira :)

yups let me try nw ;-)

Chakoli said...


but there is no charm...excitment in taht field ;-)

Chakoli said...

yup we cud ;-)

Chakoli said...

@Trarun :))

yup... i knw... it shud be interesting... unless and until it is crap ;-)

good one dear :D

Chakoli said...

@reema :))

Thanks :))

@ nice guy :)))

GOAL ...cudnt get u??

for finace u still need people to finace u ;-))


yup dear I came up with new post :DD
thanks fr the concern dear :D

arvind1187 said...

Lol :P
So that why u kept the title of the Blog news is in

Anonymous said...

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