Kitchen Mistakes We Often Do!

Some of the common mistakes I have seen we all women commit while cooking,baking or cutting resulting in half cooked veg or cake doesn't comes out soft.So compiled this list, which I often use it myself in kitchen

  1. Cut all veggies of equal size, or else thin ones would get cooked quickly and the thicker ones may be left uncooked,
  2. Don't sprinkle dry spices, in gravy or else they wont be mixed properly leaving lumps in the gravy.
  3. Don't store green chilly with its head, remove the head and then store it. It would remain fresh for days
  4. Don't boil tea leaves for more than three minutes, the taste could be ruined.
  5. Always use boiled water to add to gravy, never add cold water as it reduces its taste
  6. While baking, never use refrigerated butter or milk, always use them on room temperature.
  7. While baking, never fill the mould more than three-fourth of its size, or else the cake wont have space to get puffed.
  8. While baking never use baking powder instead or baking soda and vice-verse
  9. Never overcook paneer, or else it  gets hardened
  10. For any exotic paneer veggie, make sure to put spices just few minutes before putting it down from flame or else spice taste and texture gets ruined , as it is exposed to flame.

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

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