Understanding Customer Psychology to make Your Content Marketing a Success

 I understand if you have stumbled upon this article, either you are consumer or a marketing guy about to derive a new strategy. But in the upcoming lines, I would be talking about one group i.e. marketing guy and couple of case studies

Consumer Psychology?

About.com defines consumer psychology as a “specialty area that studies how our thoughts, beliefs, feelings and perceptions influence how people buy and relate to goods and services.” With that said, the concept lies heavily on influencing — or changing — a customer’s behavior.

Case Study:

I’m picking a case study done by National Geographic Channel and was aired on Brain Games
Just imagine some cows, a herd of cows grazing on the field

What do cows drink?

If you answered MILK, you are absolutely wrong! Cows drink water.

Did you realized, how I was able to manipulate you with the picture and highlighting MILK, and you believed me. So, we had an impression on our mind which forced us to make a decision. That’s the same thing which happens when we derive a strategy; imprint a thought on consumer’s mind which is indecisive.

What Content Market Guy Need to think before deciding a strategy:

1. Heart Connection 

 Knit a brand with a story which can easily be served with emotions .When we serve a story that fits easily with consumers, we are persuading them to buy stuff. For example if you need to publish content for fitness joint , try to weave a story who is obese. Describe his emotions and how hard he has been trying for the weight reduction programme. Weave a story which connects to their heart rather than head.

2. I’m Unique 

Present the content as its exclusive and one of its kinds. If people are publishing how can you crack CAT, try to provide a counterview and publish stuff which talks about what are other and better option than CAT

3. Be charismatic 

You know how many admirers an attractive girl/boy has? And the buzz spread with a simple statement – Did you saw that new girl in college. She is Hot!! So the same thing applies to the content, you need to make it desirable, that consumers should crave for it.

4. Be Mysterious 

 All of us love mystery, what next? The unboxing of mobile phones, is the classic example in this. People love mystery and hold their breath for the product to be revealed. You remember how Xiaomi sale on flipkart was a great success, and how many people published about the good and evil of the sale.

5. Value Them 

– When we expect the consumers to read our content, we need to value it. What they are getting in return? Some knowledgeable facts, service , a discount coupon or a good laugh
Its all about mind tricks, what I offer should be relevant to other. Baseline, to put holes in others pocket you need to be smart for sure but manipulative is considered to be a better seller.

Picture Courtesy - pixabay.com

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

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