A Letter To My Son

Dear V

It’s been few days, that mom started going to Office, and till now you might have realized that every day, mom is missing for some long time which earlier used to be just for few hours and over the weekend.

It was a very hard decision for me, I still remember the day I had to join back, and how I was going nuts. With each second, nearing to my joining date, I just used to take a deep breath. Relax, He would be fine is what I only could utter. When I used to hold you in my arms, I just had one wish, I could hold you forever and never ever had to leave you, be it for sleep, for food or for your cute tantrums to sit on my lap. I know these cute little acts of yours won't be repeated and I'm missing a chance for lifetime, but still I have to go on.

I miss you dear, and even though I'm in Office, I wish every second I could see you, hold you and play with you. And to confess, when I miss you badly, I go to wash room and see your videos, and then to the contrary the feeling to see you, amplifies in magnitude of infinity,taking a tan waveform.

As I start to drive back home, I only have one scene fitted in my brain, I'll knock and door opens and you come crawling to me with such a cute and big smile, that all the stress goes away. And you respond to me the same way, each day.

You are now seven months, indeed a BIG BOY and you would adjust to this change, for one of the reason that "nani" is always with you and that mama-papa will always love you.

Love you my little Gudda :)

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

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