Age Gracefully

My mother was recently with us, as we were busy with our evening walk in the apartment, one of my neighbors said - your mother looks so young. I replied to her, indeed she is young :)

Ageing is a FACT!

Ageing is inevitable,
we see it happening to our parents,aunts and uncles and teachers, but it is interesting that most of us do not accept that it will hit us. I believe almost all women crave for that compliment, you look so young!!The fear of ageing and the prospect of facing the mirror and seeing lines and wrinkles on our faces is threatening to many women and cosmetic industry thrives on this fear. Creams with exotic ingredients from dead sea, forest, herbs beckon us from the store counters.

Embrace Your Age

As we meet another person, our human tendency is to start figuring her age, instead try out this exercise. Focus on her sharpness, smile, admire her confidence and reassurance she posses , within minutes you would divert from the thought- whats her age?

What is graceful ageing?

There is no definition for graceful ageing, but there are key ingredients which people could have in them as they age. When you look a tree, with age you'll find it providing more fruits and shade, its the same. With age , people need to be more confident, charming, healthy skin, a fit body and mind , unique and comfortable style sense and last but not the least a pleasant smile.

Ageing beautifully has more to do with finding yourself than fixing yourself.

Are there any Secrets of Ageing Beautifully

  1. Explore and Explore - Try new hairstyle, new place, new friends, new hobby with each day instead of living with a thought "I'm getting old" discover a new you.
  2. An Active Lifestyle - Fit body and mind are key mantra to any living being and as body starts ageing it need more re-hauling.So just make sure to do your share of exercise  
  3. Look for Role-Models - Try to identify men and women who hold their age with grace and try to emulate them. Try and identify qualities that make them so attractive

Surround yourself with beautiful things,listen to music you love, read the books you cherish. Happiness can do more to your face than the most expensive creams, lotions or treatment. Just enjoy.

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

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