Whats your blood group?

Did anyone ever knew that even blood group is related to what we should eat and what to avoid.
Strange isnt? But research have found that if we eat as per our blood group it could be beneficial to us afterall heart needs blood to pump in and out and if it is healthy... even our HEART could produce sounds like madhuri's dhak-dhak ... ;-)

So here goes the way...

  1. Type A types should basically stick to fruits and vegetables (high carbs / low fat).
    They have thicker blood than other blood types, a sensitive immune system,
    and should not consume dairy products, animal fats and meats. They are at
    a heightened risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer.
  2. Type B types should consume a balanced diet (fruits and vegetables, grains, fish, dairy, meat, but avoid chicken). They have the best chance of bypassing or overcoming
    everyday types of diseases, including heart disease and cancer.
  3. Type AB types should consume a mostly vegetarian diet, and only on rare occasions some
    fish, meat (no chicken), and dairy.
  4. Type O types should basically stick to a high protein diet (including red meat), low carbs, and enriched with fruits and vegetables. They should limit the intake of wheat germ,
    whole wheat products, corn, and avoid dairy products and most nuts.
    Type O types are commonly affected with hypothyroidism, high stomach acid
    (leading to ulcers), and thinner blood with greater resistance to blood clotting
So whats your blood group?
Keep Faith
Chakoli :)

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ruSh.Me said...


With being overweight and asthma, I don't think I need anything else!!! HAHAHA!!!!

Anonymous said...

tht was really helpful. since i know tht i am O+, i can look fwd to a refined diet plan now... :P

Ankur said...

u asking me... i dont know my blood group!! :(

Chakoli said...

@rushme :)))

lol... they just said u cud bypass heart and cancer problems :DD

Chakoli said...


and tell me the results as well :DD

Chakoli said...

@Ankur :))

u dn tknw ur bld grp
uddi baba!!!!

u hsud be AB grp ;-) lol....

Anonymous said...

Really? Blood group and food? Never thought about it! :)

Anonymous said...

A+, but then i m very much diff from what it says :P

too much into non-veg eating :)

Is it serious or for fun ? if its serious, then i shud be scared!!

Reema said...

I m type A. All the more reason to avoid milk :)

Vrij said...

I'm AB +ve, but then ur description does not seem to be to my liking :(

Homecooked said...

I am O+ . I love to have all the stuff mentioned there. No wonder I cant lose weight!

vijay said...

Thank U Dr. Chaks :D:DDDDD

gud info anyways :))))))


niceguy251 said...


Thanks. Now I will have to think twice before I eat anything. LOL.

Visiting you after a gap. Read other post too. Common citizens of Pakistan also want to live in harmony. So, you had a nice Aaram on Eid.

Take care

mazak said...

I wud have like d to B Positive but my blood group is O Positive.... u know wht , i was quite scared of donating blood but when in college i gave blood twice and felt really good abt it ... all of us should donate blood once in a while and there's nothing to fear :)

Prats said...

dropped in from Ankur's blog...and must say what a post to come into.. :)
I'm very positive my body doesn't want to know now what group it belongs to....I do everything to go against what says here :(

churningthewordmill.wordpress.com said...

are u sure this stuff is really true? it sounds kinda unbelievable... blood grp related to what u shud eat!

Anonymous said...

Be positive !!!!
this is in my BLood :D

Keshi said...

I seriously dunno wut blood group I am..lol!


~mE said...

thats some info..thanks :)
I am O

Chakoli said...


Then think abt it :D

Chakoli said...


depends hw u wnat to take it...
everything cud be serious and everything cud be ajoke..
its all about belief :D

Chakoli said...


u dnt like milk...hahahhaha
and I toh love bournvita :D

Chakoli said...


yups... just B+ are peopel,to njoy everything ... ;-)change ur grp :PP

Chakoli said...

@Homy :))

u need not goon diet to loose weight :PP

Chakoli said...

@Vs :))

anytime :))

Chakoli said...

@niceguy :))
even I posted after looong time :DD

Chakoli said...

@mazak :))

hahahahhahah I m B+...

yups...blood donation is gud...soemhw I cant:(
my hameglobin count is less :((

Chakoli said...

@Prats :))

thanks for coming here :)))

thats what we are toned fr...do opp of what is being convyed to u ;-)

Chakoli said...


yup dear it is...

Chakoli said...


same pinch !!! :PP

Chakoli said...


atleats go and have a check ...:))

Chakoli said...

@Sharnya :))


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