Anger is appropriately blamed for flawed thinking since it tends to alter perception of risk, increase prejudice, and trigger aggression. But is anger always destructive. Well, I think…Anger can actually prompt more careful and rational analysis of another person's reasoning. And sometimes you need to be ANGRY !!!

Aggression is any form… Aggressive cricket by Oz’s…Aggression showed by mob… aggression showed by students, be it in any form actually leads to some GOOD!!!! Then would even terrorist are aggressive? Not really… usually you get angry when things are out of your control and the person/group responsible does not hold his responsibility!!! So for terrorist it’s not at all aggression but HATRED!!!

And this time again AGGRESSION is speaking… international pressure on Pakistan (but still they are not willing to cooperate), changes in cabinet… changes in MUMBAI(the long lasting Deshmukh is GONE)!!!!

May be this time aggression changes the face of terror!!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


Ankur said...

well.... hope the same!! :)

mazak said...

@Chakoli .... nice to see u back ..where were u ? ...being a student of psychology i can only say that everything is relative and depends on your point of view .... aggression is fine but only within limits and for that matter anything stretched too far leads to problems.Regarding the lesson that we ought to learn from these terror attacks is that its no point blaming Pakistan ,we all know Pakistan is complicit but the only viable option b4 us is to safeguard our cities and towns and make sure that next time it doesnt take us 69 hours to send these merchants of death to their final resting place .But let us all keep the faith to overcome any adversity :)

Anonymous said...

for the first time, i feel the weight of ur signature msg... "keep faith" and that, i will!

Keshi said...

I love the deep passion Indians hv for their motherland. Aggression comes from that passion, and ur right, positive Aggression does bring GOOD. I hope it does for India.

**international pressure on Pakistan (but still they are not willing to cooperate),

I know. I saw it on news. Its the big fat EGO playing tricks on them. Very sad! Pakistan should get a reality check!


Anonymous said... true. I just hope things improve for the best!

Manasa said...

Hope for the best!

Chakoli said...

@Ankur :))

Ahhhhh...hope what else :D

Chakoli said...


Yup very true :)) it depends upon the viewpoint and also to a limit...excess of anything is bad...

And keeping faith yup we were doiung it since quite a lot of days/.....:(((
its more then faith this time....

Chakoli said...

@Harsha :))

thanks dear :D

Chakoli said...

@keshi :))

Thanks sweetie for ur support and understanding:))

I really appreciate that :))

Chakoli said...

@Homy :))

yups just d hope :DDD

@ manasa:))

very much!!

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