Girl or Boy!!

I hardly check my emails, but got a chance to check them few days back.
Thanks niceguy for the lovely card and wishes
Thanks Nikhil for sharing the video
Thanks Rashmi for letting me know "I'm following a redundant blog".
Thanks Shranya for those lovely messages
Thanks vs for the number of fwds
but I got a very interesting mail from a guy who was curious to know about me ....

No offence, but could you tell me wether you are a guy or a girl? We have a pot going on it!

LOL :))))))))))))))))

Dont know if he got an answer to this or not!!!
Never thought my name could actually be a means of running pot. ;-)

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


ruSh.Me said...

LOL..believe it or not.. Im just writing a post about gender bender.... Strange co-incidence!!!

ruSh.Me said...


Mberenis said...

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Ankur said...

Well u didnt tell ppl it was ur bday... ;)
and i wished u too... :D

hows u doing?? long time no seen...

Reema said...

:O I always though u r a girl!!

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