After Effects Of Mumbai Terror!!

  1. Filmmakers are busy restructuring this with all brands of heroes and heroines’
  2. Each time a politician is seen on TV/city. People are busy counting the number of security guards he is escorted with and then followed by a comment “ iski security mein itne log aur hum log ke liye kahan se aayenge”
  3. The oppositions are no longer “opposing” anything but sitting silently and watching government to work.
  4. About 50 or even more of social groups have been formed online to fight terrorism
  5. Thousands of letter have been written by some BIG SHOTS labeled as suggestion to tighten the security and fight against terror
  6. Suddenly lime light is focused on Mr Pranab Mukherjee” , before Mumbai terror it was Chidabaram Uncle speaking about global economy
  7. Candles sales have been record breaking… , if you ask for candle , the shopkeeper would ask you – aaj kahan peace march hain?
But on a serious note… all the points convey just one thing WE COULD REALLY BRING CHANGE!!!!

Keep Faith
Chakoli :)


niceguy251 said...


All said and done, you are right in saying we could bring change. True.

How is your shopping going on? I thought you get so many gifts that there is no need for shopping alone or with someone, preferably who foots the bill. LOL.

Take care

Anonymous said...

we would bring change no doubt :)

Keshi said...

I only hope these efforts for change wont wean and wane over time.


Anonymous said...

Satire never fails to impress! :)

Reema said...

Obama started the change revolution and we are taking it forward :)

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